Gracie Goes RVing

Hi ya’ll.  My name is Gracie. Actually, Princess Grace, but Gracie for short.  I am a rescue hound born in 2011.   My mom and dad had my DNA checked with Wisdom Panel to find out all about me.  According to my spit I am:  Beagle Mix crossed with Beagle Mix.  They also found out that I have some of these cool breeds too. I think this is a pretty  good  assessment.

So, last fall my mom and dad bought a teardrop travel trailer, the Little Guy Max, so they they could take me with them on their bicycle trips. I was so excited because I sure do miss them when they leave me for weeks at a time.  I don’t really care about biking I just want to be with them.   Our first night RVing was in FDR State Park on the coldest night ever…..20 degrees in October!  It was so much fun being all snuggled in with mom and dad. We all had a fun time on the queen bed!  We got in a great seven mile hike in the cold and wind but I didn’t complain at all. I just love smelling and sniffing and being with mom and dad. Since there wasn’t anyone else around I got to be off leash a lot and that was fun.


For the Auburn Georgia game we spent a long weekend at the Indian Pass Campground.

It has been my favorite so far – they allow dogs on the beach!  We are going back there for Labor Day and I cannot wait.

Our next trip was two nights at Wind Creek State Park with my new friend Anna and her mom and dad.   It was December and cold but the park was practically empty so we got to run around. I loved the sunrise from my window.  We were on Lake Martin – I put a paw in but didn’t swim.  We took a wonderful hike around Horseshoe Bend State Park.  It was not crowded so we got to be off leash for most of the hike.

In January we spent a long weekend at Amicalola Falls State Park. It was icy and cold but we hiked ten miles  to and from the Hike Inn.  We even walked a little bit on the approach trail to the Appalachian Trail.  We also hiked the falls where I couldn’t  really walk on the steps so Dad carried me!  It was fun! When we got back we were snugly warm in the LGM. The next day delivered a cloudless sky and I got to bask in the sun!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton