Peace Love and Tearstock

We’ve had terrible internet so I’ve asked Mom to wait until this weekend to update. I’ve got so much to share!!!

Ya’ll.  My Mom.  I’ve never seen her like this.  You would have thought it was my birthday, Christmas, Eva – not just another campground.  She asked Dad to wash the RV before we left so it would be clean. Not to mention she was up at five in the morning cleaning and organizing the inside stuff.  We arrive at the Mill Creek Campground in Mackinaw City, Michigan for the start of Tearstock 2018.  We pull in and there are other Little Guys – just like us!  She screams – I mean she really hollers – “There’s Janine!!!”  Dad about wrecks!  To Mom, Janine Pettit is the princess of RVing [I am, of course, the princess of the dog world].  I really could write about every second of every minute of every hour while we are here but it would make my paws hurt.  First thing that happens is this guy comes up to welcome us to Tearstock.  It was Chris Baum, second only to Janine in importance to my Mom.  We left Dad to hook up the RV and we went in search of Janine.  We found her at her adorable RV – the Mini Max. She petted me and loaned us a Camco PowerGrip so we could hook up. It was like Christmas to Mom.  It seems we are off to a fantastic start!  This is a HUGE campground so they did it.  They put me in the Hound-about and took me exploring.  It wasn’t really as bad this time as before and, at least, the wheel didn’t fall off. When I had dinner I had to fight off some sea birds that must also like low-fat dog food. Thankfully they left me to guard the Little Guy while they went to the Rally welcome.  Yep, they have name badges, door prize tickets and karaoke.  Last night we had an incredible lightning and thunderstorm but we were all snuggly warm and dry in the Little Guy Max.   What a great day.

After a tasty breakfast of human leftovers which I only get on vacation, Mom and Dad left me to guard the Little Guy Max and they got some great riding done. They rode the Dune Trail and then the Betsie River Trail. Mom drew the short straw and had to do the laundry while Dad and I explored. I got in the best swim. I’ve made so many new four-legged friends: Bailey, Maggie, and Quigley and others. We are headed to Tearstock today!It is just exhausting hanging your head out of a window.  We made it to the Timberline Campground in record time.  Mom has discovered that not all campgrounds are alike. Did you know that you can own a space in a campground just like you can own a house or condo at the beach? Yep, we are nestled in between two long term and very big campers – houses, really.  An advantage, says Dad, is that these campgrounds usually have WiFi so I can have Mom update my pages easier than when she has to do it on her phone.   After we checked in, wandered around, and napped Dad was ready to go the Sleeping Bear Dunes.   They really wanted to take me but, I was still tired from the ride. When Dad took me for a quick stroll I just sat down and wouldn’t move.  He got the message.  They left me to nap, and of course, guard the trailer.  I was working so hard at both I didn’t hear them come back.  Everybody was happy.IMG_6551 (1)IMG_6555 (2)Leftover pizza. For breakfast. My favorite! Ionia State Recreation Area was wonderful. I enjoyed a long long walk this morning, chased a ton of rabbits,  and then we packed up for a much shorter ride through the countryside. Window down!!!I told Mom and Dad to go enjoy themselves today and I’d guard the trailer. They did…42 miles biking and I got in a great snooze. When they got back we went for ice cream at the Mooville Creamery which was voted the best in Michigan. I got a pup cup and then a short hike along a creek. I am exhausted!!It’s been a busy two days getting to Michigan. Last night in Berea, Kentucky, we stayed at our first RV Park- Oh! Kentucky. It’s quite different from a campground. We met the nicest young fellas, Caleb and Gage, who are in the Kentucky state trapshooting tournament. Caleb has a beagle but she had to stay home. Their dads were making breakfast. I got just a nibble. Tasty. On our 8 hour drive today we chased some windmills. Did you know Indiana hosts a windmill museum? Dad won’t let me look out my window if he’s going over 50 so I slept a lot on the way. We made it to the Ionia State Recreation Area which has a beach, lake, horses and a great hiking trail that I insisted we walk today. I got to swim with new friends!!! Mom and Dad are exhausted.

We are off!F973FB2B-DB43-4F9F-97CC-73E64D536086One day away.This is what I will feel like in the morning.  If you don’t follow this Twitter account, you should:  thoughtsJust two days away. Mom is packing – she’s packing my stuff, too.IMG_6358  mystuffMom packs too much. Dad agrees with me.I’m getting ready for the biggest adventure of my life.   Two weeks with Mom and Dad and the Little Guy Max.  We are going to the Tearstock festival in Michigan.  Follow me as I see the world from the backseat of a Ford!